New childcare solution helps CERN’s global community

Commuting between the home institute and CERN is a tough task for a lot of scientists with families. However, thanks to a newly signed agreement between CERN and the “Jardin de Capucine” kindergarten, the task of looking for a childcare solution might turn out to be easier than originally expected: 4 places are reserved for all categories of CERN personnel for child enrolment periods that can vary between a few weeks and a few months.


Le Jardin de Capucine.

CERN already has a well-established on-site kindergarten but the community is growing and the need for childcare is constantly increasing. In order to find a viable solution to the problem, CERN's Director-General, Rolf Heuer, signed an agreement with "Le Jardin de Zébulon" in January this year for the provision of 40 places at the "Jardin de Capucine", a new private crèche that opened this autumn.

The agreement became fully operational on 2 November, with the inauguration of the new kindergarten in which four of the total 40 places allocated to all categories of the CERN personnel will now be reserved for people coming to CERN for short periods of time. “As experience has taught us, the increasingly global scientific community needs dedicated solutions,” says Sigurd Lettow, Director of Administration and General Infrastructure. “The new childcare solution is flexible and designed around the needs of children and their itinerant parents.”

The new enrolment scheme can vary from a few weeks to a few months. The short-term places are available all year round, with the exception of French public holidays and CERN's two-week end-of-year closure.

To enquire about availability, parents are invited to contact:

Le Jardin de Capucine
Mrs Ariane BOUCHER
60 rue Clement Ader
Tel +33 (0)6 45 63 72 74

by CERN Bulletin