Let’s go to the next Atomiade

Have you already heard about the Atomiades?

Everybody knows the Olympic Games. The atomiades are like an Olympic Games for physics research institutes. The aim is to get the people from all European institutes to meet in a friendly atmosphere around sport events. Sport being more a reason than a real argument. Ask the participants to the previous atomiades in La Clusaz ( Come and join us for the next one: a Summer Atomiades!

The next Atomiades will take place in Saclay (France) from 15th to 19th of June and are organized by the CEA.

A large number of sports are proposed from athletics to bowling and sailing, etc.  (full list on :

If you want to take part in this event, please register before 10th January via the web site

For more information please join the e-group: atomiade-information-group.

by Bruno Lenski