Book Presentation: “L’Energia del vuoto” by Bruno Arpaia

“It is nighttime on a Swiss highway. A car travels at high speed, heading to Marseilles. Pietro Leone, UN Geneva civil servant, is at the wheel. His son Nico is asleep next to him. The two are fleeing from something unknown...


... Pietro only knows that, for the past few days, someone has been discreetly following him and his family, and that his wife Emilia, a CERN researcher, vanished from home a few days before…”

Would you like to know what happens next? The Library, in cooperation with the association “Cultura Italia”, is organizing a presentation of “L’energia del vuoto”. A brief introduction to this book will be followed by a debate among the participants.

Bruno Arpaia, journalist, writer and translator, has written 3 novels and 4 political essays. “L’energia del vuoto” is his latest novel, inspired by a visit he paid to CERN.


“L’energia del vuoto” by Bruno Arpaia, Guanda, 2011.
Tuesday 7 February at 7pm in the Library, Building 52-1-052.

by CERN Library