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Mercredi 9 mai 2012
11h15 - Science III, Auditoire 1S081 30

The Search for the Magnetic Monopole
Dr. Philippe Mermod - University of Geneva, DPNC

It has long been realised that the existence of a magnetic monopole would be sufficient to explain the quantisation of electric charge, and to symmetrise Maxwell's equations. Furthermore, the monopole is an essential ingredient in Grand Unification theories. Primordial monopoles would have been produced in the Early Universe and still be present today, either in cosmic rays or trapped in matter. Monopoles of accessible masses would also be pair-produced at high-energy accelerators. Their remarkable properties can be exploited to devise various means of direct detection. After reviewing the most recent monopole searches, whether at colliders, in flight or in matter, the prospects for new monopole searches at the LHC and elsewhere will be discussed.

INFORMATION : http://dpnc.unige.ch/seminaire/annonce.html
ORGANISATEUR : Mme. Gabriella Pasztor

par Geneva University