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Your committee plans a new Yacht...

Presumably Ernesto Bertarelli, twice winner of the America’s Cup, found Alinghi rather small and cramped, so he commissioned Vava II as shown here. Similarly, your YCC Committee is rumoured to be thinking that a couple of our boats lack serious deckspace for partying, and are looking at bigger alternatives... Or at least a more elegant prow?

Be assured, the rest of the Committee will hold these dreamers down, but there were noises about a bigger and more modern concept of a keelboat, partly motivated by an elaborate offer of joint leasing with other owners. This got talked down for all sorts of reasons: logistics, maintenance, final ownership, who gets to sail during the sunny weekends, etc. But the fact remains that some resources could be found for another (small!) boat, if we ever resolve the mooring or parking problems. But did you know, ResQ moves to a much better place already this month, so things do look good! Talk to your friendly Committee Member if you are convinced you know the right boat for the Club at this time.

Thanks to all those brave souls who turned up on a cold, rainy, gusting Saturday when we launched the fleet, 14 April at Port Choiseul. Very good work was done by sufficient people, most of the pieces left over from the dismantling last season seemed to fit somewhere and Gijs, masterminding operations, declared the fleet (mostly) ready. Courses start next week (for keelboats) and Thursday Practice has kicked off, so the season is well under way - see you at Port Choiseul!

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