Conference: Diversity in the Workplace - How to Capitalise on Differences to Foster Innovation

Diversity in the Workplace: How to Capitalise on Differences to Foster Innovation, by Cristina Bianchi.


Tuesday 19 June 2012 – 12 noon to 2 p.m. Brasserie Restaurant 2

Diversity Lunch : Lunchtime conference organised by the CERN Diversity Programme.

Diversity is an acknowledged source of creativity and innovation that can improve performance and ultimately create a definite advantage for the Organization. However, if not managed well both at team and individual level, it can become a source of misunderstanding, interpersonal tensions and conflict. The speaker will share concrete strategies and approaches to capitalise on a diverse workforce and create the right environment where differences become an asset that leads to creativity, idea generation and, ultimately, innovation.

Cristina Bianchi is specialised in conflict management, cross-cultural relations and effective communication and has acquired valuable experience working in sensitive areas such as Palestine and Kosovo. Her services as a trainer, facilitator and certified coach focus on management and leadership development both in the private and public sector. Cristina Bianchi gives public presentations on diversity, culture in business, the role of women in leadership, and coaching as a management style.

This presentation will be given in English; questions and discussions will be handled in both official languages.

‘Diversity Lunch’ – Main course, dessert and coffee 22 CHF.

Everyone working on the CERN site is welcome!

There are a limited number of places available so please sign up here as soon as possible.

CERN Diversity Programme