100 and counting!

The CERN working group on administrative procedures (GTPA) held its 100th meeting last month. Here we take a look at the activities of this valuable and important administrative body.


Current and past members of the GTPA celebrate the group's 100th meeting.

The working group on administrative procedures, set up in 1993 as a kind of discussion forum, held its 100th meeting on 26 April. Chaired by Gabriele Thiede, the group comprises departmental administrative officers (DAOs), a representative of the Users Office, a representative of the GS-AIS group and members of the Administrative Processes Section of the DG RPC Group (see box).

"The working group meets five times a year to discuss measures to simplify and improve CERN's administrative procedures," explains Gabriele Thiede, head of the Administrative Processes section. "We also use these meetings to share our experience of administrative practices, which may differ from one department to another."

Since its first meeting 20 years ago, the group has taken on an important role in ensuring the smooth running of CERN's administration, as current and past members attending the 100th meeting testified. "I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the work of the GTPA for their support," says Gabriele. "They have made an important contribution to improving CERN's administrative procedures."

To mark the event, she also presented a summary of the group's major achievements over the years, drawing attention to important projects that owe their existence to its work. These include the Admin e-guide, the EDH Personal Action Form (PAF), the new personalised departure formalities, salary advances and the arrival procedure.

Click here to read the minutes of the GTPA's meetings.

The Administrative Processes Section

The Administrative Processes Section plays a key role in CERN's administration. It is staffed by three staff members and has been part of the DG-RPC Group since 1 January 2012.
The section performs the following tasks:
  • analysing, simplifying and standardising the administrative procedures currently in use at CERN,
  • proposing improvements, deletions and additions to new administrative procedures, particularly those relating to new computerised applications introduced at CERN,
  • ensuring that new procedures are implemented in a standardised and efficient manner, following discussion with the GTPA,
  • checking and authorising the implementation of all new administrative forms.
The mandate of the Administrative Processes Section covers all of CERN's administrative procedures, with the exception of internal procedures implemented by individual departments.


by CERN Bulletin