Thursday 31 May 2012 at 20:30
CERN Council Chamber

The Kite Runner

By Marc Forster (USA, 2007)

With: Khalid Abdalla, Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada, Atossa Leoni

Original version English/Pashtu/Urdu; French subtitles; 128 minutes.

In the 70's in Afghanistan, the Pushtun boy Amir and the Hazara boy Hassan, who is his loyal friend and son of their servant Ali, are raised together in Amir's father’s house, playing and kitting on the streets of a peaceful Kabul. After Amir wins a competition of kitting, Hassan runs to bring a kite to Amir, but he is beaten and raped in an empty street to protect Amir's kite; the coward Amir witness the assault but does not help the loyal Hassam. On the day after his birthday party, Amir hides his new watch in Hassam's bed to frame the boy as a thief and force his father to fire Ali, releasing his conscience from recalling his cowardice and betrayal. In 1979, the Russians invade Afghanistan and Baba and Amir escape to Pakistan. In 1988, they have a simple life in California, when Amir graduates in a public college for the pride and joy of Baba. Later Amir meets his countrywoman Soraya and they get married. In 2000, after Baba’ death, Amir is a famous novelist and receives a phone call from the terminal Rahim Khan, who discloses secrets about his family, forcing Amir to return to Pakistan, in a journey of redemption.



Thursday 7 June 2012 at 20:30
CERN Council Chamber

Broken Silence

By Wolfgang Panzer (Switzerland, 1995)

With: Martin Huber, Ameenah Kaplan, Michael Moriarty

Original version English/French/Swiss German; French subtitles; 106 minutes.

A Carthusian monk, Fried Adelphi, dedicated to silence and meditation for the last 25 years, tells his story.  His order sends him to Indonesia to request the extension of their cloister's lease. En route to Jakarta, he experiences claustrophobia and de-planes in New Delhi, India. Without contacts or any worldly knowledge, he fortunately is reunited with his fellow passenger, Ashaela, the wallet thief. Unaware of her indiscretion, Fried allows Ashaela to help him find his way to Jakarta.

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