The CERN Cricket Club is now midway through the season and has had mixed fortunes, winning seven and losing five matches, with one drawn last weekend against the Fleet Street Strollers. Two wins were recorded against Trafford Solicitors in Bellingham in the north of England only days after the heaviest rainfall in the North East in living memory, read the detailed match report online to see what the grounds man had to say when we insisted on playing!

Reports of all matches can be found on the Cricket Club web site at

under “ Matches (Fixtures, results, reports) ”.

The schedule of matches can be found under “Fixtures”.

Upcoming fixtures include the Eifion Jones Single Wicket Competition on August 19th and away matches against Rhone CC in Lyon and against Milan and Euratom Cricket clubs in Settimo Milanese in September.

Anyone interested in playing cricket is welcome to join us at net practice, which takes place on Thursday every week at 18:00 on the Prevessin site.

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