News from the Library: Publishing Open Access articles beyond High Energy Physics

CERN has supported Open Access Publishing for many years, and the Scientific Information Service is working to implement this vision. We have just launched the flagship project SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics) aimed at converting high-quality journals in High Energy Physics to Open Access for articles published as of 2014. More details here.


In parallel, several win-win arrangements allow experimental and theoretical high-energy physics results from CERN to be published in Open Access in a variety of high-impact journals. More information can be found here.

Open Access publishing at CERN goes far beyond High Energy Physics. Indeed, CERN is a key supporter of Open Access in accelerator science, through sponsorship of the APS journal PRSTAB and participation in the JACoW collaboration.

Now CERN authors publishing in the field of engineering will also have the opportunity to publish their findings as Open Access articles. SAGE has recently launched a broad-based Open Access journal: Sage Open Engineering.

Furthermore, a new opportunity is available for colleagues working outside of the core CERN fields to publish Open Access in SpringerOpen and BioMed Central journals, which cover a range of disciplines. The full list of titles can be found on the SpringerOpen and  BioMed Central websites. All these journals publish Open Access articles and run their own peer review system, while authors will retain copyright and articles will be licensed for re-use under the CC-BY license.

The arrangements vary between different publishers. Before approaching the publisher or if you are directly solicited, please contact the Library before making any commitment towards a third party: we will be glad to support you in this process.

by CERN Library