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Jeudi 10 janvier 2013 à 20 h 00
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Réalisé par Luis Buñuel (Spain/Mexico, 1961)

Avec : Silvia Pinal, Fernando Rey, Francisco Rabal
Version originale espagnole; sous-titres en anglais; 90 minutes

Viridiana, a young novice about to take her final vows as a nun, accedes to a request from her widowed uncle to visit him. Moved purely by a sense of obligation, she does so. Her uncle is moved by her resemblance to his late wife to attempt to seduce Viridiana, and tragedy ensues. In the aftermath, Viridiana tries to assuage her guilt by creating a haven for the destitute folk who live around her uncle’s estate. But from these good intentions, too, comes little good.

Simon of the Desert

Réalisé par Luis Buñuel (Spain/Mexico, 1965)

Avec : Silvia Pinal, Claudio Brook, Enrique Alvarez Félix
Version originale espagnole; sous-titres en anglais; 45 minutes

Simon, a deeply religious man living in the 4th century, wants to be nearer to God so he climbs a column. The Devil wants him come down to Earth and is trying to seduce him. But Simon recognizes him everytime. So the Devil takes him to a nightclub in New York of the 1960s.

Jeudi 17 janvier 2013 à 20 h 00
Salle du Conseil

The Phantom of Liberty
(Le fantôme de la liberté)

Réalisé par Luis Buñuel (Italy/France, 1974)

Avec : Jean-Claude Brialy, Adolfo Celi, Michel Piccoli
Version originale française; sous-titres en anglais; 104 minutes

One of Luis Bunuel's most free-form and purely Surrealist films, consisting of a series of only vaguely related episodes - most famously, the dinner party scene where people sit on lavatories round a dinner table, occasionally retiring to a little room to eat.

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