New course “Selecting the best person for CERN”

The success of every team and organisation depends on its people: selecting the “right” people for CERN is therefore a crucial step in the recruitment process. The process of interview and selection is costly both in terms of time and resources, particularly if the wrong decision is reached. It is therefore critical that the “right” candidate is appointed first time.


This new training course will provide new and experienced members of selection boards for Limited Duration or Indefinite Contracts the skills and techniques essential to conducting a successful interview and selection process according to best practices. For this course, an original approach of blended learning has been adopted. It includes individual pre-course work (webinar, online quiz, video-interview); a 1 day training session with plenty of opportunities to practice, including running a full panel interview; finally, it affords the possibility to devise your own individual action and development plan at the end of the training day, on which CERN’s recruiters can give you continued advice during subsequent selection boards.  

A first course is planned for 22 March, and more courses will be organised throughout the year.

Are you interested in taking part and finding out more?

Then please contact:

- your Human Resources Advisor,
- the Recruitment Unit of the Talent Acquisition Group in HR,

and sign up after discussing with your supervisor.

Erwin Mosselmans, HR-LD, 74125
Nathalie Dumeaux, HR-LD, 78144