The OHS-0-0-3 form on “Identification of occupational hazards” is now available on EDH

The EDH version of the OHS-0-0-3 "Identification of occupational hazards" form is now available at the following link:


Please remember that this form is an essential support tool for the identification of occupational hazards that employed members of the CERN personnel are exposed to during their professional activities.

It serves to identify a possible need for safety training and individual protective equipment and as a guide for the CERN Medical Service for the medical follow-up of the employed members of the CERN personnel. 

Whenever there is a change in working conditions and at least once a year during the MARS exercise, the supervisor and supervisee must perform a joint analysis of the supervisee’s working conditions.

Following this joint analysis, a short and clear summary of the supervisees' main activities has to be written and the hazards that the supervisee is exposed to during her/his professional activities have to be identified in the form.

Below are two examples of a short summary:

  • "Administrative work, main workplace is the office. Occasional access to industrial areas during visits or verifications."
  • "Preventive and corrective maintenance on electrical installation in electrical substation or on accelerator equipment at surface or in underground areas."

The OHS-0-0-3 form must be filled in accordingly and approved by the supervisor in EDH. For information, the data will be registered, by the CERN Medical Service, in the supervisee’s medical file.

As of 2014, a link in the MARS document will direct to the EDH version of the OHS-0-0-3 form. 

For more information, please consult the admin e-guide or contact the HSE Unit at the following address

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