Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 15 mai

Thorium or Uranium fuel cycle for advanced nuclear reactors ? Fuel recycling, multi-recycling, breeding and burning, Dr Jiri Krepel, Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI).


Mercredi 15 mai, 11h15
Science III, Auditoire 1S081
30, quai Ernest-Ansermet, 1211 Genève 4

Abstract: Thorium fuel cycle provides several advantages, which make it very attractive; e.g. lower waste production and possibly improved reactor safety. However, there are also some drawbacks if compared with Uranium cycle. The seminar will provide an overview of basic physical features of both Thorium and Uranium fuel cycles and comparison of their performance (criticality, breeding gain) and safety-related (Doppler effect, coolant density effect) parameters, with respect to the fuel recycling, multi-recycling, breeding and burning.

Organisé par le Prof. Teresa.Montaruli@unige.ch et le Prof. Giuseppe.Iacobucci@unige.ch.

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