Thursday 23 May 2013 at 20:00
CERN Council Chamber

Larks on a String
(Skrivánci na Niti)

Directed by Jiří Menzel (Czechoslovakia, 1969)
Original version Czech; English subtitles; 100 minutes

The film shows the absurdities of a system that faces clear difficulties in justifying itself. The story takes place in a scrapyard where a bunch of harmless intellectuals are held as a forced labour for crimes against the regime. Beautifully set, with an incredible humanity, men and women, living and working separately will always profit of some small pieces of freedom for simply living, being happy, and turning authorities to an innocent derision. Shot in 1969, it will only be released in 1990.

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Thursday 30 May 2013 at 20:00
CERN Council Chamber

Ucho (The Ear)

Directed by Karel Kachyńa (Czechoslovakia, 1970)
Original version Czech; English subtitles; 94 minutes

Ucho (The Ear), shot in 1970 by Karel Kachyńa, was held by communist authorities before a release in the late 80’s. The plot is mainly set during the night in the house of a ministry official and his wife when they return home after a meeting with the other members of the Party where discussions took place about a reorganisation of the overall hierarchy. A paranoiac tension is slowly invading the space as they discover they are being watched and their house searched by communist authorities. Suspicion raises all through the film while the ministry official is getting more and more self-persuaded of his own imminent arrest.

par Ciné-Club