Between 3 June and 3 August, limit your electricity consumption

CERN is normally supplied by the French 400 kV RTE/EDF network and has a reduced-power backup supply from the Swiss 130 kV ALPIQ/SIG network.

During LS1, from 3 June to 3 August 2013, the EN-EL Electrical Engineering Group will be carrying out maintenance and consolidation work on CERN’s 400 kV and 66 kV substations.

On 3 June 2013, CERN’s power supply will be transferred with no interruption to the Swiss 130 kV network. The power available will technically be limited to 50 MW, a threshold which is compatible with the current level of consumption given that the warming up of the LHC’s cryogenic installations is now complete.

During this critical two-month period, CERN’s electricity consumption will be closely monitored by operators in the CERN Control Centre (CCC) and must be kept below 50 MW. To avoid any risk of overloading or load-shedding, the Electrical Engineering Group are asking all users to limit their consumption during this period.

Thank you for your cooperation,

EN-EL Electrical Engineering Group