Ombud's Corner: holiday time!

In July and August, the Ombud’s Corner articles will be taking a holiday. They will resume in September. Meanwhile, the respect@CERN campaign continues so please keep on sending us your suggestions.


As announced in the last Bulletin, "We want these initiatives to belong to you. For this reason, we would like to ask you to suggest the messages you would like to see included in the posters. What does a “respectful workplace” mean for you? Send your suggestions to – and of course we will reward the authors with exclusively designed Respect@CERN-branded items. So, whether it's respect in relation to interpersonal interactions, noise, safety, the environment or anything else, we look forward to receiving your ideas. Do not hesitate – send that e-mail now!"

As a reminder, all previous Ombud's Corners can be accessed in the Ombud's blog.

by Sudeshna Datta-Cockerill