A breath of fresh air for cryogenics training

Whether you work full-time in a cryogenic installation or are required to handle cryogenic substances temporarily, you need to have followed the appropriate safety training.


Photo: Christoph Balle.

Two new training courses are now available in English and French at CERN: “Cryogenic Safety – Fundamentals” (at the Prévessin Training Centre) and “Cryogenic Safety – Helium Transfer” (at the Cryolab).

The first covers the content of levels 1 and 2 of the old “Cryogenic Safety” course. The second is a completely new course for CERN: it covers specific aspects of the transfer of liquid helium, such as the evaporation process of helium and the associated risks to human health (asphyxia due to displacement of oxygen), the colour code for gas bottles, etc. These training modules have been rewritten in response to the increase in the number of projects involving cryogenics and following various related incidents.

Photo: Christoph Balle.

Both courses are taught “face to face” by Torsten Koettig, an engineer from the TE Department, and include a theoretical section and a practical section. In order to be able to take the “Helium Transfer” module, you must have already completed the “Fundamentals” module.

If you have any questions about cryogenic safety, please contact your Cryogenic Safety Officer (CSO). If your Department does not have a CSO, please address your questions to the HSE Unit: hse.secretariat@cern.ch.

For any questions regarding safety training, please contact: safety-training@cern.ch.

by HSE Unit