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Kashima no Tachi Kenjutsu (KTK) – The Art of the Japanese Sabre

For the fourth year the CERN Martial Arts Club organises courses of kenjutsu or art of the Japanese sabre. The classes are given by Gildo Mezzo, 6th Dan of the Tokyo Aikikai and responsible for Switzerland of the school Kashima no Tachi (the Sabre of Kashima), and his senior students. Regular visits of Masters from Japan and other countries are also organized. The Kashima School is a traditional Japanese school dating back to the 16th century Japan. The school can be practiced by all, without distinctions. The kenjutsu, educational discipline by definition, allows practitioners to fully express themselves. From initiation to advanced trainings, you are taught during the practice progression how to master your body, the rhythm, the attitude, the coordination of movements and spatial displacements. It's the discovery of the technical principles of the school through the study of dynamics, contact and balance.

The courses take place every Friday from 12:15 to 13:30 in the beautiful Japanese dojo of the Ecole Bellavista II in Meryin. More information on the KTK web site at or contact Alberto (

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