Mystery photos: challenge No. 4!

It has been said that the Higgs boson was the last piece of an incomplete puzzle. The Standard Model looks pretty good, but doesn’t tell the whole story. Similarly, the tens of thousands of pieces in the CERN Photo Archive puzzle are gradually falling into place.


As we inspect album matches and gather caption information from people at CERN and around the world, the corners and edges are becoming clear. But we’ve got a big chunk of non-descript sky to plough through now.

Sometimes, we can fit some pieces together without knowing what they show. We have grouped certain images into albums based on similarity. These are now in need of titles and descriptions. You can find them here.

Meanwhile, here are some of our favourite pictures recently identified and matched to their corresponding albums:

But what about the others? Can you help us identify any of the following pictures? Each picture’s CERN Document Server (CDS) page has its own “suggest a caption” link where logged-in users can contribute directly.

For any other comments about the project, please get in touch by email on

This digitisation project is a collaboration between the Collaboration and Information Services Group (IT-CIS) and the Scientific Information Service (GS-SIS).

by Alex Brown, Jens Vigen