Another award-winning year for CERN’s apprenticeship training programme

CERN has a long tradition of training apprentices. The Organization’s apprenticeship programme, which is based on the Swiss apprenticeship system, dates back to 1965. Since then, over 200 apprentices have been trained at CERN. Each year, seven or eight apprentice electricians, library assistants and physics laboratory technicians qualify after three or four years of training, depending on the job.


UIG prize ceremony 2014: Angelina Bakker (third from right), apprentice physics laboratory technician at CERN, receives her "Certificat fédéral de capacité".

On Tuesday, 25 November 2014, CERN was presented with a prize for being the best apprenticeship training scheme provider in 2014. This prize is awarded each year to eight apprenticeship providers active in the different “vocational categories” in the canton of Geneva.

The prizes are awarded by the Geneva Department of Public Education, Culture and Sport (DIP), the Cité des métiers association and the Communauté genevoise d’action syndicale (Community of Union Action of Geneva).

CERN received the prize for large providers, which is awarded to a provider that trains a large number of apprentices in several different vocational categories.

In addition, on 9 December 2014, during a special ceremony for apprentices, the Union industrielle genevoise awarded a prize to Angelina Bakker, an apprentice physics laboratory assistant at CERN, for her excellent results in the Certificat fédéral de capacité.

by Anne Gentil-Beccot