"Ergonomics" training course: living in harmony with your screen!

More and more of us are spending time in front of a computer screen. For some people, the average is one or two hours a day, but for others it’s practically the whole day. Not to mention what happens when we get home…


Sitting correctly at your screen-based workstation is not just a question of comfort.

Back or neck pain, sore wrists, eye strain, stress... these are just some of the problems that can arise over the short to medium term.

The likelihood of such problems can be reduced by adjusting your workstation, its position or the organisation of your workload, which can be defined as part of a detailed evaluation of your personal situation.

However, there are a few simple actions we can take ourselves.

With this in mind, the HSE Unit invites you to attend the “Ergonomics” training course, which is aimed at everyone who works in front of a screen.

Combining theory and practical exercises over the course of half a day, this training session covers essential topics such as:

  • The risks associated with working in front of a screen (anatomy and problems);
  • Preventive measures (ergonomic organisation of the workstation, positioning, equipment);
  • Strengthening and relaxation exercises.

The course description and registration form can be found in the training catalogue on the Safety Training Service’s website or can be consulted directly here

Sign up now! You won’t see working in front of a screen in the same light again!

More information about screen-based workstations here

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