A powerful search for EDMS 6

Since the end of May, EDMS 6 has featured a brand new search solution. You might have already noticed the changes if you have run the search recently. We have integrated EDMS with the central CERN Search service, allowing EDMS to benefit from the central engine for queries and CERN search from EDMS public data, which can now be found directly via the CERN Search portal. The integration is a result of a very successful collaboration between the EDMS and the CERN Search teams.


What’s new in EDMS search

The most important advantage of the new search is enabling searches in the files. While in the old search you could query only the document metadata, now the search also scans the content of the files attached to the documents. This allows for more relevant results, as the hit may be found both in the metadata or in the file. The result is displayed in the Documents & Files tab and the small icon indicates whether the object in which the queried terms were found is a file or a document.

The search view layout has evolved. We have added horizontal tabs to organise the results according to object types and display them at a glance. The global search is performed on all EDMS and  CMMS (CERN Maintenance Management System) objects. The result is then displayed in the tab matching the object type. The Documents & Files tab comes with an additional enhancement: the display includes fragments of the text context with the query terms conveniently highlighted.

The advanced search for documents was redesigned to allow users to make fine-tuned, specific queries. The possibility to customise the results layout should satisfy the needs of any detailed searches.

We wish you happy EDMS searching!

EDMS & CERN Search Teams