Lync becomes “Skype for Business” on Windows

Lync is the tool currently used at CERN for instant messaging, presence information, desktop sharing, etc. People registered on the Lync Phone system can also place phone calls to standard telephone numbers. 


Now Lync is becoming “Skype for Business” as Microsoft is merging the service with Skype. Skype for Business is very similar to Lync, but with some interesting new features.

If you are already using the Lync application, or would simply like to learn more, keep reading…

On centrally managed Windows computers, Lync will be upgraded to Skype for Business in mid-October. It will be installed together with the monthly Windows updates.

If you would like to try the new Skype for Business service in advance, we encourage you to install it in September (it is available in CMF for manual installation: “MS Skype for Business (Lync successor)”). 

The Skype for Business interface is similar to the Lync one: the main features can be found in the same parts of the application. The icons have had a facelift and now look more like those in Skype. It is, however, worth mentioning the introduction of a new feature named “call monitor”: when you are in a call and you switch to another window or application, your call will now be displayed in a minimised window that lets you monitor and control the call (end it, put it on hold, etc.). 

Microsoft will also release Skype for Business on other platforms: Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, Android. The date is not yet known. Check the Skype for Business community pages regularly for updates.

If you have questions about Skype for Business, you can ask them on the community website or contact

On 12 October and 30 October at 10.00 a.m., there will be a 1 hour presentation on Skype for Business in the CERN Training Centre. Please register here.

The Lync team