From the CERN web: New Year ceremony, new LHC Programme Coordinator, scientific prize and more

This section highlights articles, blog posts and press releases published in the CERN web environment over the past weeks. This way, you won’t miss a thing...


CERN DG meets locals and internationals in New Year ceremony
15 January – by James Gillies 

In one of her first official duties as CERN Director General, Fabiola Gianotti met representatives of CERN’s local communities and international Geneva in Microcosm on Thursday evening to wish them a Happy New Year 2016, and to express thanks for their support.

Photo (left to right): Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle, Director for International Relations, Martin Steinacher, Director for Finance and Human Resources, Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director-General, Eckhard Elsen, Director for Research and Computing and Frédérick Bordry, Director for Accelerators and Technology.

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 Jamie Boyd. (Credit: STFC)

Balancing Act
14 January – UK News from CERN

A UK researcher has taken on one of the trickiest jobs in physics. As LHC Programme Coordinator, Jamie Boyd (CERN) is responsible for preparing the experimental schedule for the LHC, and that means balancing the requirements of the different LHC experiments with those of the accelerator physicists for whom the LHC machine is an experiment in its own right.

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Professor Carlo Rubbia has been awarded the highest prize available to foreign individuals by the People’s Republic of China, for his contribution to their scientific development.

Carlo Rubbia awarded China’s highest scientific prize
8 January – by Harriet Jarlett

Professor Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Laureate for Physics 1984 and CERN’s Director-General from 1989 to 1994, has been awarded the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award by the People's Republic of China. The award honours the significant contributions Rubbia has made to China’s scientific development in the field of high-energy physics.

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CERN expands scientific collaboration with Middle East
8 January – by James Gillies

Mouïn Hamzé (left), Secretary General of the CNRSL and Rüdiger Voss of CERN after signing the International Collaboration Agreement on 3 December in Beirut. (Image: CNRS Lebanon)


On 3 December 2015, CERN signed an International Cooperation Agreement (ICA) with the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research, CNRSL, paving the way for future collaboration with Lebanese academia. Soon after, on 18 December, a second ICA was signed with Palestine, allowing CERN to forge stronger links with Palestinian Universities.

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Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto of the United States (left) and CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer.

A new era for CERN-US collaboration in particle physics
18 December 2015

Collaboration between CERN and the US is nothing new. The American Nobel-Prize winner, Isidor Rabi, was among CERN’s founding fathers, and it was not long after the Laboratory was established that close collaboration between CERN and the Brookhaven National Laboratory took root. Since then, the number of US partners for CERN has multiplied, with the arrival of laboratories such as Fermilab and SLAC on the global particle physics scene.

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