Michel Goossens

Michel joined CERN early 1979. He started his career in the “Experimental Physics” Division "BCDMS (N4) Muon experiment" and later continued with software support to the GEM project with Emilio Pagiola. He joined the IT Department in 2005 and participated in the implementation of the digital version of PrintShop. Michel is one of the world experts in TeX and LaTex (programming languages ​​for text layout) and is the author of several books on the subject.


But at CERN, it is foremost through the Staff Association that we know Michel who successively served as Vice President, secretary and member of the Executive Committee, and since January 2011 and until December 2015, as President of the Staff Association. Do not forget that Michel has consistently been proactive with new proposals and is the initiator of social advances such as SLS (Saved Leaved Scheme) or PRP (Progressive Retirement Programme).

At the end of his mandate, Michel expressed his pride for representing the personnel during many years. He thanked the outgoing Staff Council for its work and support and extended his best wishes of success and achievements to his successor, adding that the Association can always count on his continued support.


Finally, at the dinner of the CERN Council, last December 17, Professor Rolf Heuer addressed his warm thanks to Michel Goossens. He thanked him for his work and spirit of consensus in discussions during the five-yearly review: "Despite divergent views, we were able to establish and maintain a relationship placed under the seal of trust and mutual respect”.


The CERN personnel as a whole wishes Michel Goossens much happiness and success in his new life.

by Staff Association