A page is turned with the departure of Anne-Sylvie Catherin

The Staff Association wants to thank Anne Sylvie Catherin for her achievements during her career at CERN, and in particular during her mandate of head of the Human Resources Department.

Anne-Sylvie Catherin arrived at CERN as a lawyer specialized in labor law of International Organizations, and she brought along her knowledge, as well as an unparalleled energy and professionalism.

The Staff Association has particularly appreciated her collaborative approach during discussions in the concertation process. This attitude has clearly contributed to the implementation of significant change in the management of human resources, while preserving social peace.

We expect that the person who will succeed Anne-Sylvie Catherin will have the same constructive attitude, in respect of the concertation process, as well as a continuity in the definition and implementation of HR processes. Finally, we hope that the new head of HR will be able to develop a long-term vision for the Organization and its staff, measuring to the vision that Anne-Sylvie has demonstrated.

The bar is high, and there are great expectations in the Organization and within its staff. This position not only requires extensive knowledge but also exceptional human qualities.

The CERN Council shall next week decide on the appointment of a person presented by the management. As soon as the appointment is official, we will be pleased to officially welcome the successor of Anne-Sylvie Catherin in a future article, and to initiate from our side an open and honest communication, as well as to continue the concertation process to which we are committed.

The Staff Association wishes Anne-Sylvie Catherin every success in her new and important position at the European Central Bank. We would again like to express our appreciation for the respectful and constructive relations and exchanges that we have had during her mandate as head of CERN's human resources.

by Staff Association