Collecte pour l’Équateur

Suite au terrible tremblement de terre en Equateur le 16 avril 2016, une collecte a été organisée au CERN et le montant envoyé à l’INEPE Institute à Quito pour venir en aide aux victimes. Le CERN a reçu les deux lettres suivantes que nous voulons partager avec vous. Nous souhaitons à nos amis équatoriens une amélioration rapide de leurs conditions et les gardons dans nos pensées.

Dear Fabiola and Alessandro,

As the CERN contact person in Ecuador, and as the Country Representative for Ecuador in the CMS Experiment, I would like to thank you, the offices you precede and, through you, the whole CERN community, for all the concern and generosity after the terrible earthquake in the coast of Ecuador. 

Rather slowly, but full of hope, our people are overcoming this difficult situation.  Contributions from different sources abroad, like CERN's, combined with the rapid and generous local intervention, have greatly helped the affected communities cope with the most urgent needs in order to restart their lives.

Once again, I express my most sincere gratitude.  I am sure I echo the sentiment of all the Ecuadorian nationals who are associated with CERN and, humbly, all my compatriots as well.

With best regards,

Edgar Carrera


Dear Gianni and Marcel:

We send you our affectionate and fraternal greeting.

I am pleased to confirm that INEPE's bank account got 10.183,30 USD, which means CHF 10.000 that you sent in behalf of CERN PERSONNEL and its generous fundraising of solidarity.

This money will be used giving educational material to the children who began the school year in the Coast of Ecuador 40 days ago, and many of who are living in temporary shelters since they lost their humble homes.

We will send you a report and photographs of how this fund will be used.

Thank you for your brotherhood and generous support.

Patricio Raza


par Staff Association