Colour Day: an innovative project

This year, the Children’s Day-Care Centre (EVE) and School works on the theme of colours.

Every class has their own project revolving around this common theme.

The class of Claire, Sandrine and Nadia, introduced a monthly “Colour Day”. The objective of this day is to offer children different activities (arts and crafts, baking, etc.) designed around a specific colour.

The children get a chance to decorate their classroom and learn in many different ways inspired by the colours blue, red, and many others.

The parents are also called to contribute and invited to dress their children in the colour of the day.

In September, we discovered the colour blue, in October it was time for red, and in mid-November yellow will brighten up our structure. Everyone plays along, making this a very festive day for us all.

On Tuesday, 20 September, we saw the whole School turn blue!

We were all dressed in blue and we made blue paintings, too!

We made beautiful artwork inspired by artists like Matisse and Warhol.

But most of all, we got to bake cupcakes with Nadia! And… guess what? We decorated them all in blue, too! Yum!

by Staff Association