Elections for representatives of the personnel – Join, get involved, vote!

Every two years in September, the CERN Staff Association organises the elections of representatives of the personnel.

The process of renewing the Staff Council consists of several stages:

  • Information for members of the personnel (MPE and MPA1);
  • call for applications and search for candidates in different electoral colleges;
  • election of delegates via electronic voting;
  • announcement of the results and establishing a new Staff Council.

This process will follow a specific timetable:

  • Call for applications from Monday, 11 September to Friday, 13 October at 5 p.m.
  • Voting from Monday, 23 October at noon to Monday 13, November at 5 p.m.
  • Publication of the election results in the Echo newsletter on Tuesdays 21 November and 5 December.
  • Staff Association Assizes (for the outgoing Council and the new Council) on Monday, 27 and Tuesday, 28 November.
  • First meeting of the new Staff Council and election of a new Executive Committee on Tuesday, 5 December.

Informing the personnel (MPE and MPA)

The Staff Association uses several communication channels to inform the personnel. In our next announcements, we will give you more information on the different upcoming events that are organised alongside the elections starting from September.

We can already announce that two public meetings will be held:

  • in Meyrin on Thursday, 5 October at the Main Auditorium (500-1-001),
  • in Prévessin on Friday, 6 October at the auditorium of bldg. 774 (774-R-013).

Please mark your calendars and save the dates!

Calling for applications

As with all elections, the Staff Association is looking for new candidates among its members to take on a two-year mandate (2018-2019) as a representative of the personnel.

The number of vacancies is 50:

  • 45 seats for representatives of staff members;
  • 5 seats for representatives of fellows and MPAs.

These 50 vacancies are available to all members of the personnel, who are members of the CERN Staff Association.

The Staff Council comprises also 7 delegates representing pensioners, who are appointed by the GAC-EPA outside this electoral process.

It is important – essential even – for the Organization to have a balanced and diverse representation on the Staff Council with delegates from among all members of the personnel, including fellows and MPAs, and from across all departments and units, and all professional categories.

Do not hesitate any longer; get involved for the good of your Organization, colleagues in your electoral college, the CERN personnel and, more broadly, the CERN community. Become a delegate! In case you are not a member of the Staff Association yet, join now and get involved! (https://cern.service-now.com/service-portal/report-ticket.do?name=ap-membership&se=staff-association )

Electing your representatives

In order to participate in the elections of your representatives, you must be a member of the Staff Association.

If you are not a member yet, these elections are an excellent opportunity to join, especially since membership is free of charge for all new members as of 1st September for the four remaining months of 2017.

Participating in the elections of your representatives to the Staff Council is a chance to choose among the candidates the persons who are best suited to represent you.

By voting, you will also to take part in a democratic exercise within the Organization.

Join and vote: it is the least you can do for your Organization and your colleagues, the members of the personnel.

Publishing results and establishing a new Staff Council

Towards the end of November and beginning of December, the Electoral Commission, which monitors the election process, will formally announce the results of the elections in the Echo newsletter.

This announcement will allow you to identify your representatives in your college. They will be at your service throughout their two-year term of office.

Now, it is up to you!

Join, get involved, vote.


1 : Employed Members of the Personnel (MPE) and Associated Members of the Personnel (MPA).

by Staff Association