Award ceremony for the "Crèche and School" competition

Whenever there is a competition, there are obviously participants – and especially winners!

The awards ceremony for the competition to find a new name for the CERN Staff Association's Crèche and School took place on 15 May.

During the ceremony, jointly led by Céline Grobon (President of the Crèche and School Steering Committee), Carole Dargagnon (Headmistress of the Crèche and School) and Jean-Baptiste Zenner (Staff Association delegate), the proposals selected by the jury were rewarded.

The first place went to Marie-Luz Cavagna for her proposal "Le jardin des petits chercheurs", and the second place to Sarah Palluel for her proposal "Le Jardin des Zélectrons". Finally, Aude Mourey and Sandra Fleury tied for third place with their respective proposals "Les petits atomes" and "La crèche des particules".

Can we find the winning name of the competition among these proposals? No, not quite.

During the pre-selection by the jury, the idea of combining two names, which were both part of the winning proposals, came up and led to name "Le Jardin des Particules".

The word ‘jardin’ (‘garden’) refers to the name used for the structure in the past, Jardin d’enfants (the kindergarten), and alludes to the large garden and playground.

The word ‘particules’ (‘particles’) refers to children and the interaction they have with each other and with their environment. It creates a meaningful connection with CERN and is also used in other fields than physics.

The ceremony was followed by a cocktail party.

We would like to thank all the participants of the competition, thanks to whom we found a new identity for our structure. A warm welcome to the Jardin des Particles!

by Staff Association