Bearing in mind that the Staff Association is the only statutory body representing all staff and that the Association is the only statutory body responsible for promoting and defending the interests of all staff members of the Organization, it appeared necessary to encourage the support of employed staff members as soon as they took office, in order to:

1. Improve their representation within the Association and, in so doing, promote the consideration of the specific interests of staff without permanent contracts; and

2. Encourage their participation in its work.

It is therefore proposed that employed staff members become members of the Association as soon as they take up their duties, but that they may in conscience and for a limited period of time choose to renounce them as if they had never been members (beyond this period the resignation will be used).

The amendments also aim to take into account the particular nature of the status of international civil servant and, consequently, the collective representation of their interests in the context of employer-employee relations. There can be no question of requiring a good understanding of these elements and an informed adherence to the aims of the Association as a precondition for membership, particularly if the Association is to be able to represent all staff (including, therefore, the less senior staff). The current safeguard of exclusion for behaviour likely to harm the Association is more than sufficient and far preferable.

These considerations lead to the proposed amendments to s. II.1.2 "Membership" and the addition of Art. II.2.1 bis "Withdrawal".

In this context and also to facilitate the collection of contributions, they will now only be due in the year following the year of enrolment or the end of the period during which withdrawal ("opt-out") is possible.

This leads to the proposed amendment to ss. II.1.3 "Rights, duties and liability" and II.2.2 "Removal".

You will find under this link the proposal for amendments to the text of the Statutes of the CERN Staff Association :

You will also find the proposal for amendments to the Statutes on the SA’s notice boards.

We look forward to seeing many of you on May 28th: Attend the General Assembly of the Staff Association and make your voice heard!

by Staff Association