Delegates' Corner

Everyone has certainly heard of the CERN Staff Association (SA) at least once in its career: the statutory staff representative body whose existence is endorsed by Chapter VII of the Staff Regulations, whose mandate and mission include defending the economic, social, professional and moral interests of its members and all CERN staff.

But the Staff Association is above all men and women, elected as staff delegates by YOU and who you are YOUR representatives.

We regularly give them the opportunity to express themselves so that they can explain to you in their own words who they are and what they do within the Staff Association.

Today, Anthony Rey, an SPS operator who has been working on CCC shift schedules within the BE/OP group since 2001, explains his role and vision of the SA. Anthony also joined the CSR (Comité de Surveillance des Restaurants) at the beginning of 2019.

Hello Anthony, when and how did you join the Staff Association?

I was a delegate to the Staff Association for the first time between 2004 and 2011 during a period that was full of challenges for the Association. I admired the constructive philosophy that drives the association, which always tends to seek solutions to protect both the interests of the Organization and its staff.

During this first mandate, I had the opportunity to work, among other things, on the study of the new administrative circulars 22 and 23, as well as within the Employment Conditions Committee (some reflections on EAV had already been launched in 2007).

Back as a delegate since 2017, I remain committed to the values of the association in its quest to find the best compromise while moving forward.

- What is the Staff Association for you?

For me, the Staff Association is the body that expresses the staff's point of view to the decision-making bodies, an interlocutor who preserves memory, a reasoned approach while trying to provide suggestions and helps to build solutions.

- And in your opinion, what is the point of being a staff representative? How is this useful?

Being a delegate is being part of this body, an experience that allows you to open up to is happening within the Organization, you learn a lot and you always find an attentive ear to your experience and your experience. This exchange makes it possible to create the most appropriate positions within the various working committees.

- How do you live this mission of staff representative?

In the context of my professional activity, my role as a delegate is particularly local and a little offbeat compared to others. As part of a team working on a 7/7, 24/24 shift during the accelerator operation phase, our working conditions are unique and must also be represented within the Organization, as we are at the heart of "CERN's raison d'être". Due to this unique schedule, it is difficult to attend meetings or assemblies on a regular basis, but it is always possible to stay informed and communicate by email to participate in the life of the Association.

- How much time should be devoted to his mission as a delegate?

If I had to estimate the time spent, I would say that on average, it takes half a day per week divided between the Staff Council and especially the reading of the reports of the various commissions.

- How does it work to juggle your daily work at CERN?

My work on a staggered schedule involves increased distance communication that can easily be modulated over the course of a day and inserted between other activities, which requires a little discipline but is entirely feasible.

- What can you tell us about your experience as a delegate?

From this experience, I especially understood that exchange, listening and discussion were the key to most collective problems, I can only recommend to everyone to come and meet the Association, its delegates, to be interested in the diversity of the subjects covered, to bring their personal experience. It is thanks to the participation of everyone that the Association is and remains representative of the staff.

- The final word?

The Staff Association office is located in the main building (64/R-010). Do not hesitate to come and meet us, the secretariat will be happy to provide you with information.

You can also find as much information as you can by visiting our website:

Thank you Anthony for accepting this interview game!

We hope that thanks to Anthony, you have been able to (re)discover the Staff Association through his eyes.


Reminder : the CSR has a mandate:

- to give its opinion on any matter relating to the Organization's general policy on catering on the site, including the terms and award of contracts for the operation of restaurants;

- to define, within the framework of restaurant operating contracts, the services corresponding to the needs and, as far as possible, the wishes of the staff;

- to monitor restaurant performance, including product quality and preparation;

- to negotiate with restaurant dealers about rates and monitor prices;

- to ensure that staff are informed, to examine their wishes, complaints and suggestions regarding restaurants;

- to propose improvements to the premises and services of restaurants, taking into account in particular comparisons with the outside world;

- to report annually on its activities to the Social Affairs Committee.



by Staff Association