The Staff Association and you

The Association, your representative to the Management and the Member States

The Article VII 1.01 of the Staff Rules and Regulations (SR&R) provides that "Independently of the hierarchical channels, the relations between the Director General and the personnel shall be established either on an individual basis or on a collective basis with the Staff Association as intermediary".

This essential role of the Association through the Staff Representatives, to be the spokespersons of all the Organization's personnel to the Director General and the Member States, is reflected in active participation in the various joint committees defined in the Staff Regulations but also in all the working groups and official bodies dealing with staff matters.

 The most important joint committee is the Standing Concertation Committee (SCC), which has been the forum for Concertation since 1983, when the Standing Concertation Committee (CCP) replaced the Standing Consultation Committee. 

Since then, the Concertation process has been enshrined in the Staff Rules and Regulations, which define its scope of application: “Any proposed measures of a general nature regarding the conditions of employment or association of members of the personnel shall be the subject of discussion within the SCC” (S VII 1.08). More generally, all questions relating to the employment and working conditions of the members of personnel are discussed in the SCC, including in particular issues of remuneration, social protection (CHIS and Pension Fund), career evolution.

What is meant by Concertation? Article S VII 1.07 of the Staff Regulations and Rules defines: “Discussion shall mean a procedure whereby the Director-General and the Staff Association concert together to try to reach a common position.”

The TREF, in its role as a tripartite forum, is the only place where your representatives meet with the delegates of the Member States, in the presence of the Management, to explain and defend the position of the personnel on all matters relating to employment conditions. Finally, the Finance Committee also gives the Association a voice in decisions concerning the personnel.

The Association, a force of persuasion... thanks to you

In order to properly fulfil its role as a representative, like mentioned above, and to be persuasive in front of its interlocutors, the Association needs not only a broad representation but also a broad support from the personnel, i.e. from all of you!

Join the Staff Association, but also come and learn about our public meetings, discuss your concerns with your Staff delegates from your department. Express your point of view by responding to our questionnaire and participate in the events we organise when we need to show your massive support to our decision-makers. All together and united, we will be stronger to ensure that CERN remains not only a laboratory of scientific excellence as it has been for more than 60 years, but also an example as an employer at the forefront of progress in the social field. In order to achieve these objectives, the Organization must be able to continue to attract, motivate and retain the best specialists from all Member States.

Become a Staff delegate, and be part of a collective, exchange your ideas, participate in the development of proposals, be involved in your employment conditions!

You are the Association

In order to prepare as well as possible for the next 5-Yearly-Review, whose subjects will be decided by the CERN Council next year (2020), the Staff Association will solicit in the coming weeks all CERN Employed members of personnel, staff members and fellows, through a survey that will allow you to tell us what you think of our current employment conditions and how you would like to see them evolve.

Your massive participation is therefore essential. This will also allow us to assign more precisely the priorities to the themes to be dealt with when the first discussions with the Management will begin next year.

In advance, we thank you for your participation and for the time you will devote to completing this questionnaire.

We need YOU to build YOUR employment conditions for CERN of tomorrow.

A survey in collaboration with the University of Geneva

In order to conduct this survey, the Staff Association has enlisted the support of the Institute of Demography and Socioeconomics of the University of Geneva.

The questionnaire will be hosted on their platform and only the results of the analyses will be communicated to the Staff Association in statistical form only in order to guarantee total anonymity of the participants.

Please do not be surprised to receive, in the coming weeks, an email from the University of Geneva inviting you to participate in a survey from the Staff Association!

Join us!

The coming years 2020 and 2021 will therefore be crucial. Come and support us in defending and developing our employment conditions in a positive way. Join the Association. Actively participate in the life of the Association by establishing regular contacts with your delegates and colleagues. Vote to elect your delegates and, why not, stand for election to the Staff Council, which will take place in this coming October and November.






From the start of the 2020 year, the new Council that will emerge from these elections will have the heavy task of defending the priorities of the personnel in the 5-Yearly-Review in front of the Management and the Member States at the TREF.

Then, at the end of 2020 and throughout 2021, our second mission will be to ensure that the proposals prepared by the Management in concertation with the Staff Association are properly implemented.

Become a Staff delegate; build your future at CERN!



by Staff Association