From 22 to 24 November 2019, The CERN Micro Club will be organizing “Coding Science Days 2019” for its fourth edition.

As with previous editions, over the course of a day, school goers aged 8 to 18 years will attend workshops and learn to assemble and program 4 different scientific kits.

In the process, they will discover and use the computing technologies that power modern science at CERN and at science institutes across the world.

On Friday 22nd November at 19h in the CERN Globe, a public conference on the theme “Virtual Learning Environments”.

Virtual learning is usually associated with online training courses or videos, but its potential is much broader. Thanks to it, one can acquire new knowledge, but also good professional or social practices to develop cooperative behaviours.

Our speakers will present in turn innovative methods to explore science through collaborative play: Discovery and practice of quantum computing, robotics in a space environment, but also the discovery and management of an ecosystem or a historical practice, or the recreation of the key stages of the invention of the World Wide Web.

  • Mr Frédéric Véron - Academy of Versailles - «Divert the sandbox» intervention in French
  • Dr. James Wootton - IBM Zurich - "Discovering Quantum Computing Through Gaming" intervention in English
  • Mr. Didier Roy - INRIA - «R2T2: a collaborative space mission» intervention in French
  • Mr. Andrew Ward - Minetest Community - Craft The Web

More information at:  https://cern.ch/codez-la-science