2019 Annual General Meeting

Monday 25 November 2019 @ 18.30h No.1 Restaurant (NOVAE), CERN Meyrin


  •   Opening of the meeting/Adoption of the agenda/Apologies for absence
  •   Minutes of the 2018 AGM and Matters Arising

  •   Captain's Report for 2019
  •   Treasurer's Report for 2019
  •   Groundsman's Report for 2019
  •   Kit Report for 2019
  •   Election of Officers for 2019

The officers of the Club are: President, Vice-President, Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Groundsman, Webmaster, Match-manager Coordinator, Coach, Social convenor

  •  Cricket Switzerland Affairs & CERN Fixtures for 2020

 Proposal of AGC for a Geneva 40-over league

  •   ICC membership situation and impact on CERN CC
  •   Any Other Business
  •   Close of the Meeting

N.B. Nominations for any of the officers of the Club may be sent to the current Secretary, Achintya Rao, before 18 November.  Address is: