Thank you for attending our public meetings on 19 and 21 November!

Many thanks to all of you, who accepted the Staff Association’s invitation and participated in our Public Meetings on Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 November.

It is important that the personnel as a whole stays informed and interacts with their representatives of the Staff Association on issues that affect us all.

The presentation slides, in English, and the recordings of the meetings, in English and in French, are now available in Indico:

Stay informed! Consult your colleagues, and share and discuss with them the information provided by the Staff Association on topics such as: the MERIT exercise 2019, the 2021 Five-yearly Review, the Staff Association Questionnaire, the Kindergarten “Jardin des Particules”, the Elections to the Staff Council.

We would like to remind you that the Staff Association is the statutory body for the collective representation of all CERN personnel, whether they are Staff Members, Fellows, Associates, Users, etc.

by Staff Association