RESEARCH NOTICE: concerns all beneficiaries of the Pension Fund who married since August 1st, 2006 after their retirement.

Since 2006, the right to a surviving spouse's pension is granted automatically only for marriages concluded during active service.

For marriages concluded after departure from the Organization, the entitlement, under Article II 5.09 of the Rules and Regulations of the CERN Pension Fund can be purchased by the beneficiary against payment of a premium.

Over time, it became clear that the option under Article II 5.09 was rarely used (five acquisitions out of 48 marriages since 2006) because it was too costly for the beneficiaries. In addition, the lack of a transparent method of calculation raised concerns and disputes.  In February 2018, at the request of the Presidents of the Association and GAC-EPA, a SCC working group was established to assess the implementation of the Board's decision. This working group reached consensus and its final report was accepted by the Director General. This work remains to be completed with the changes to the Health Insurance Scheme, for which the concertation is currently at an impasse

The objective remains to have the new rules approved by the CERN Council as soon as possible in 2020.

We are already asking all beneficiaries married since August 1st, 2006, after their retirement, to make themselves known to the GAC-EPA secretariat. A meeting will be organised to present the case and the different options available to them including the pension and CHIS aspects.