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Report number EURISOL-03-21-2008-0017 ; CERN-AB-2006-055
Title EURISOL 100 kW Target Stations Operation and Implications for its Proton Driver Beam
Preprint titleEURISOL target stations operation and implications for its proton driver beam
Author(s) Noah, Etam (CERN) ; Gerigk, Frank (CERM) ; Lettry, Jacques (CERN) ; Lindroos, Mats (CERN) ; Stora, Thierry (CERN)
Imprint 13 Jul 2006. - 4 p.
In: 10th European Particle Accelerator Conference, Edinburgh, UK, 26 - 30 Jun 2006, pp.1807-1809
Subject category 3: TASK 3 ; Accelerators and Storage Rings
Free keywords EURISOL ; SNS ; ion ; proton ; target
Abstract EURISOL, the next European radioactive ion beam (RIB) facility calls for the development of target and ion source assemblies to dissipate deposited heat and to extract and ionize isotopes of interest efficiently. The EURISOL 100 kW direct targets should be designed for a goal lifetime of up to three weeks. Target operation from the moment it is installed on a target station until its exhaustion involves several phases with specific proton beam intensity requirements. This paper discusses operation of the 100 kW targets within the ongoing EURISOL Design Study, with an emphasis on the requirements for the proton driver beam.
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