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Report number arXiv:1912.06561 ; CERN-TH-2019-218 ; CP3-19-59
Title Diagrammatic Coaction of Two-Loop Feynman Integrals
Author(s) Abreu, Samuel (Louvain U., CP3) ; Britto, Ruth (Hamilton Math. Inst., Dublin ; Trinity Coll., Dublin ; IPhT, Saclay) ; Duhr, Claude (CERN) ; Gardi, Einan (U. Edinburgh, Higgs Ctr. Theor. Phys. ; Edinburgh U., Inst. Astron.) ; Matthew, James (U. Edinburgh, Higgs Ctr. Theor. Phys.)
Imprint 10 p.
In: PoS RADCOR2019 (2019) 065
In: 14th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections : Application of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology, Avignon, France, 8 - 13 Sep 2019, pp.065
DOI 10.22323/1.375.0065
Subject category hep-th ; Particle Physics - Theory
Abstract It is known that one-loop Feynman integrals possess an algebraic structure encoding some of their analytic properties called the coaction, which can be written in terms of Feynman integrals and their cuts. This diagrammatic coaction, and the coaction on other classes of integrals such as hypergeometric functions, may be expressed using suitable bases of differential forms and integration contours. This provides a useful framework for computing coactions of Feynman integrals expressed using the hypergeometric functions. We will discuss examples where this technique has been used in the calculation of two-loop diagrammatic coactions.
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publication: © 2020 The Authors (License: CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0)

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