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Exact Solutions of Indirect Transverse Field Effects in Elongated Structures with Applications to CERN LHC and PS / Hirlander, Simon
The understanding of the electromagnetic interaction of the particle beam with the surrounding elements - so-called indirect space charge driven (ISCD) effects - in particle accelerators, is crucial for stable high-intensity performance [...]
CERN-THESIS-2020-009 -

Sextupolar tune-shifts in the SPS / King, N M ; Cornacchia, M
- 1974. - 49 p.
Interpretation of the sensitivity of the tunes to the orbit / Koutchouk, Jean-Pierre
SL-MD-Note-40.- Geneva : CERN, 1992 - 2 p.
Tune shifts in simulations of orbit correction / Keil, Eberhard
SL-MD-Note-43.- Geneva : CERN, 1992 - 5 p.
Spin tune shift due to solenoids / Koutchouk, Jean-Pierre
SL-Note-93-26-AP.- Geneva : CERN, 1993 - 5 p. Fulltext: PDF;
Description of Software Tools to Perform Tune-Shift Correction using Normal Forms / Giovannozzi, Massimo
SL-Note-93-111-AP.- Geneva : CERN, 1993 - 16 p. Fulltext: PDF;
Tune-shift effects in storage rings from separated beam operation / Richter, Burton
CERN-LEP-Note-176 ; LEP-Note-176 ; PEP-307.
- 1979. - 4 p.
Access to fulltext document - Access to fulltext document - CERN library copies
Beam beam tune shifts for Pb-Pb and Pb-e collisions / Keil, Eberhard
SL-Note-95-33-AP.- Geneva : CERN, 1995 - 3 p. Fulltext: PDF;
General normal form procedure to correct tune-shift and non-linear chromaticity for large accelerators like the LHC / Giovannozzi, Massimo ; Schmidt, F
Geneva : CERN, 1993 - 3 p. Fulltext: PDF; External link: Published version from JACoW
In : 15th IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference, Washington, DC, USA, 17 - 20 May 1993, pp.500-502 - CERN library copies
Tune trims for various optics / Collier, Paul
SL-MD-Note-193.- Geneva : CERN, 1995 - 2 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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