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Study of the ALICE Investigator chip in view of the requirements at CLIC / Munker, Ruth Magdalena (University of Bonn (DE)) ; Dannheim, Dominik (CERN) ; Fiergolski, Adrian (CERN) ; Van Hoorne, Jacobus Willem (CERN) ; Hynds, Daniel (CERN) ; Klempt, Wolfgang (CERN) ; Nurnberg, Andreas Matthias (CERN) ; Sielewicz, Krzysztof Marek (Warsaw University of Technology (PL)) ; Snoeys, Walter (CERN)
CLIC is an option for a future high energy linear $e^{+}e^{−}$ collider at CERN in the post-LHC era. The CLIC machine is designed to reach centre-of-mass energies ranging from a few hundred GeV up to 3 TeV. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2017-004.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 32. Fulltext: PDF;

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Finite-element simulations of coupling capacitances in capacitively coupled pixel detectors / Vicente Barreto Pinto, Mateus (Geneva U.)
Capacitively coupled hybrid silicon pixel-detector assemblies are under study for the vertex detector at the proposed future CLIC linear electron-positron collider. [...]
- 2017. - 21.
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Requirements for the CLIC tracker readout / Nurnberg, Andreas Matthias (CERN) ; Dannheim, Dominik (CERN)
The requirement of precision physics and the environment found in the proposed future high-energy linear $e^{+}e^{−}$ collider CLIC result in challenging constraints for the silicon tracking detector. A track-momentum resolution of approximately $\sigma_{p_T}/p^2_T = 2\times10^{−5}$GeV${}^{−1}$ for high-momentum tracks has to be achieved in an environment with high rates of beam-induced background events. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2017-002.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 8. Fulltext: PDF;

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CLICdet: The post-CDR CLIC detector model / Alipour Tehrani, Niloufar (CERN) ; Blaising, Jean-Jacques (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)) ; Cure, Benoit (CERN) ; Dannheim, Dominik (CERN) ; Duarte Ramos, Fernando (CERN) ; Elsener, Konrad (CERN) ; Gaddi, Andrea (CERN) ; Gerwig, Hubert (CERN) ; Green, Steven (University of Cambridge (GB)) ; Grefe, Christian (University of Bonn (DE)) et al.
A new model for the CLIC detector has been defined based on lessons learnt while working with the CDR detector models and after a series of simulation studies. The new model, dubbed "CLICdet", also incorporates the experience from various R&D; activities linked to a future experiment at CLIC. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2017-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 42. Fulltext: PDF;

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High Energy Electron Reconstruction in the BeamCal / Sailer, Andre (CERN) ; Sapronov, Andrey (Dubna, JINR) /on behalf of the CLICdp Collaboration
This note discusses methods of particle reconstruction in the forward region detectors of future $e^+e^-$ linear colliders such as ILC or CLIC. At the nominal luminosity the innermost electromagnetic calorimeters undergo high particle fluxes from the beam-induced background. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2016-005; arXiv:1702.06945.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 17 p. Fulltext: BeamCalReco-Note-2016-005 - PDF; arXiv:1702.06945 - PDF;

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TCAD simulations of High-Voltage-CMOS Pixel structures for the CLIC vertex detector / Buckland, Matthew Daniel (University of Liverpool (GB))
The requirements for precision physics and the experimental conditions at CLIC result in stringent constraints for the vertex detector. Capacitively coupled active pixel sensors with 25 μm pitch implemented in a commercial 180 nm High-Voltage CMOS (HV-CMOS) process are currently under study as a candidate technology for the CLIC vertex detector. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2016-004.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 17. Fulltext: PDF;

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Measurement of the H$\rightarrow$WW$^*$ Branching Ratio at 1.4TeV using the semileptonic final state at CLIC / Winter, Alasdair (CERN) ; Watson, Nigel (University of Birmingham (GB))
This note summarises a study to evaluate the potential to measure the H$\rightarrow$WW$^*$ branching fraction at CLIC, 1.4TeV centre-of-mass energy, with the CLIC_ILD detector, using the WW$\rightarrow$qql$\nu$ channel. We discuss the approach to reconstructing the final state and the methods used to separate signal events from backgrounds. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2016-003.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 10. Fulltext: PDF;

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Experimental tests on the air cooling of the CLIC vertex detector / Duarte Ramos, Fernando (CERN) ; Klempt, Wolfgang (CERN) ; Nuiry, Francois-Xavier (CERN)
The strict requirements in terms of material budget for the inner region of the CLIC detector concept require the use of a dry gas for the cooling of the respective sensors. This, in conjunction with the compactness of the inner volumes, poses several challenges for the design of a cooling system that is able to fulfil the required detector specifications. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2016-002.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 39. Fulltext: PDF;

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Test beam analysis of ultra-thin hybrid pixel detector assemblies with Timepix readout ASICs / Alipour Tehrani, Niloufar (Eidgenoessische Tech. Hochschule Zuerich (CH)) ; Benoit, Mathieu (Universite de Geneve (CH)) ; Dannheim, Dominik (CERN) ; Firu, Elena (ISS - Institute of Space Science (RO)) ; Kulis, Szymon (CERN) ; Redford, Sophie (CERN) ; Sicking, Eva (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg (DE))
The requirements for the vertex detector at the proposed Compact Linear Collider imply a very small material budget: less than 0.2% of a radiation length per detection layer including services and mechanical supports. We present here a study using Timepix readout ASICs hybridised to pixel sensors of 50 − 500 μm thickness, including assemblies with 100 μm thick sensors bonded to thinned 100μm thick ASICs. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2016-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 34. Fulltext: PDF;

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Power pulsing scheme for analog and digital electronics of the vertex detectors at CLIC / Blanchot, Georges (CERN) ; Fuentes Rojas, Cristian Alejandro (CERN)
The precision requirements of the vertex detector at CLIC impose strong limitations on the mass of such a detector (< 0.2% of a radiation length, Xo, per layer). To achieve such a low material budget, ultra-thin hybrid pixel detectors are foreseen, while the mass for cooling and services will be reduced by implementing a power pulsing scheme that takes advantage of the low duty cycle of the accelerator [...]
CLICdp-Note-2015-004.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 54. Fulltext: PDF;

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