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The Compact Linear e$^+$e$^-$ Collider (CLIC): Physics Potential / Roloff, Philipp (CERN) ; Franceschini, Roberto (Roma) ; Schnoor, Ulrike (CERN) ; Wulzer, Andrea (CERN)
The Compact Linear Collider, CLIC, is a proposed e$^+$e$^-$ collider at the TeV scale whose physics potential ranges from high-precision measurements to extensive direct sensitivity to physics beyond the Standard Model. This document summarises the physics potential of CLIC, obtained in detailed studies, many based on full simulation of the CLIC detector. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2018-010.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 16. Fulltext: PDF;

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The Compact Linear e$^+$e$^-$ Collider (CLIC): Accelerator and Detector / Robson, Aidan (University of Glasgow (GB)) ; Burrows, Philip N (University of Oxford) ; Catalan Lasheras, Nuria (CERN) ; Linssen, Lucie (CERN) ; Petric, Marko (CERN) ; Schulte, Daniel (CERN) ; Sicking, Eva (CERN) ; Stapnes, Steinar (CERN) ; Wuensch, Walter (CERN)
The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) is a TeV-scale high-luminosity linear e$^+$e$^-$ collider under development by international collaborations hosted by CERN. This document provides an overview of the design, technology, and implementation aspects of the CLIC accelerator and the detector. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2018-009.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 20. Fulltext: PDF;

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Time and Energy Calibration of Timepix3 Assemblies with Thin Silicon Sensors / Pitters, Florian Michael (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)) ; Alipour Tehrani, Niloufar (CERN) ; Dannheim, Dominik (CERN) ; Fiergolski, Adrian (CERN) ; Hynds, Daniel (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL)) ; Klempt, Wolfgang (CERN) ; Llopart Cudie, Xavi (CERN) ; Munker, Magdalena (CERN) ; Nurnberg, Andreas Matthias (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE)) ; Spannagel, Simon (CERN) et al.
The Timepix3 ASIC is a multi-purpose readout chip for hybrid pixel detectors. It can measure time and energy simultaneously by employing time-of-arrival (ToA) and time-over-threshold (ToT) techniques. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2018-008.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 Fulltext: PDF;

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A Delphes card for the CLIC detector / Roloff, Philipp Gerhard (CERN) ; Schnoor, Ulrike (CERN)
CLICdp-Note-2018-007.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 Fulltext: PDF;

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Double Higgs Boson production and Higgs self-coupling extraction at CLIC / Roloff, Philipp Gerhard (CERN) ; Schnoor, Ulrike (CERN) ; Simoniello, Rosa (Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz (DE)) ; Xu, Boruo (University of Cambridge (GB)) /CLICdp Collaboration
The trilinear Higgs self-coupling has a central role in the understanding of electroweak symmetry breaking as it determines the shape of the Higgs potential. The future electron-positron collider CLIC will provide the opportunity to measure the trilinear Higgs self-coupling directly in double Higgs boson events produced at its high-energy stages with collision energies of $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.5 and 3 TeV. [...]
arXiv:1901.05897; CLICdp-Note-2018-006.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 18 p. Fulltext: CLICdp-Note-2018-006 - PDF; 1901.05897 - PDF;

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A detector for CLIC: main parameters and performance / CLICdp Collaboration
Together with the recent CLIC detector model CLICdet a new software suite was introduced for the simulation and reconstruction of events in this detector. This note gives a brief introduction to CLICdet and describes the CLIC experimental conditions at 380 GeV and 3 TeV, including beam-induced backgrounds. [...]
arXiv:1812.07337; CLICdp-Note-2018-005.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 63 p. Fulltext: CLICdp-Note-2018-005 - PDF; 1812.07337 - PDF;

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Jet Performance at CLIC / Weber, Matthias Artur (CERN)
In this note the performance of jet reconstruction in $e^+e^-$ collisions at the Compact Linear Collider is studied. The study is based on fully simulated events using the latest version of the CLICdet model. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2018-004.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 14. Fulltext: PDF;

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Optimization of timing selections at 380 GeV CLIC / Brondolin, Erica (CERN) ; Sailer, Andre (CERN)
The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) is a proposed high-luminosity linear electron-positron collider at the energy frontier. It is foreseen to be built and operated in three stages, with a centre-of-mass energy ranging from a few hundred GeV up to 3 TeV. [...]
arXiv:1811.00466; CLICdp-Note-2018-003.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 13 p. Fulltext: 1811.00466 - PDF; CLICdp-Note-2018-003_v2 - PDF; CLICdp-Note-2018-003 - PDF;

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Updated CLIC luminosity staging baseline and Higgs coupling prospects / Roloff, Philipp Gerhard (CERN) ; Robson, Aidan (University of Glasgow (GB))
An updated luminosity staging baseline for CLIC is presented. Assuming accelerator ramp-up and up-time scenarios that are harmonized with those of other potential future colliders, CLIC will deliver 1 ab$^{−1}$ at $\sqrt{s}$=380 GeV, 2.5 ab$^{−1}$ at $\sqrt{s}$=1.5 TeV, and 5 ab$^{−1}$ at $\sqrt{s}$=3 TeV. [...]
arXiv:1812.01644; CLICdp-Note-2018-002.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 9 p. Final version: PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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Hidden Valley searches at CLIC / Kucharczyk, Marcin (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)) ; Wojton, Tomasz (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))
Several beyond the Standard Model theoretical models predict the decay of Higgs bosons decaying into heavy long-lived particles. The sensitivity to observe such long-lived particles has been determined using a data sample of e$^+$e$^-$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$3 TeV, simulated with the CLIC_ILD detector model and corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3 ab$^{-1}$. [...]
CLICdp-Note-2018-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 31. Fulltext: PDF;

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