Discovery Mondays - 'Eureka! Meet the inventors'

Fabio Sauli, the inventor of the GEM detector.

Do you imagine an invention as a spontaneous brainchild emergi from the convoluted mind of some scatterbrained and dishevelled scientist? If so, you are mistaken! Join us at Microcosm for the next Discovery Monday at which inventors will be the guests of honour.

There you will meet scientists who, thanks to their creativity, have made technological progress possible. By constantly rising to new scientific and technological challenges, CERN has delivered numerous innovations, particularly in the medical field.

Members of the Crystal Clear collaboration and the inventor of the GEM detector will give talks about their innovations and their applications, in particular for medical purposes. You will also be able to speak to members of the Medipix collaboration, which is working on improvements to X-ray and gamma ray imaging techniques.

The event will be conducted in French.
Come to Microcosm, (Reception Building 33, Meyrin site),
on Monday 6 February from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Entrance is free

Paul Lecoq from Crystal Clear collaboration.