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Amendments to the rules of the Pension Fund concerning family composition

The following amendments to the Rules and Regulations of the Pension Fund were approved by the Council on 16 December 2005: II 5. >>

MAPS evaluation report and procedures governing interviews and performance appraisals

Following various improvements to the MAPS report and to the procedures governing interviews and performance appraisals (announced in the CERN Bulletin 48-49/2005), a third information session has been organized for all staff members on >>

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Training and Development

Language Training: English & French courses  
Technical Training: Places available  
Apprentissages techniques - French version only  
Technical training: AXEL-2006 - Introduction to Particle Accelerators  

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Call for candidates to be part of the CERN Equal Opportunities Advisory Panel  
Carlson Wagonlit Travel  
CERN Bookshop World Scientific exhibition and sale  
Dosimetry service  
Frontpage and Dreamweaver users must use encryption  
Work at Building 513  
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