Technical training: AXEL-2006 - Introduction to Particle Accelerators

CERN Technical Training 2006: Learning for the LHC!

AXEL-2006 is a course series on particle accelerators, given at CERN within the framework of the 2006 Technical Training Programme. Known in the past as the PS Complex Operation Course (or the 'PS Shutdown Course'), the general accelerator physics module is organised since 2003 as a joint venture between the AB department and Technical Training, and is open to a wider CERN community.

The AXEL-2006 course series is designed for technicians who are operating an accelerator, or whose work is closely linked to accelerators, but it is open to technicians, engineers, and physicists interested in this field. The course does not require any prior knowledge on accelerators. However, some basic knowledge on trigonometry, matrices and differential equations, and some basic notions of magnetism would be an advantage.

The course series will be composed of 10 one-hour lectures (mornings and afternoons) during the week 6-10 February March 2006, and given in English with questions and answers also possible in French. The lecturer is Rende Steerenberg, engineer and supervisor in the AB-OP group. The programme will cover: Basic Mathematics; Transverse Optics; Lattice calculations; Resonances; Longitudinal Motion; Leptons; Transfer Lines, Injection and Ejection; Longitudinal and Transverse Beam Instabilities.

This course series is free of charge, but registration is required: participation to all lectures is encouraged, to allow people to gain maximum benefit from the course; registered participants will be invited, and attendance will be recorded in the personal training records. If you are interested in AXEL-2006, please discuss with your supervisor and/or your Departmental Training Officer. More information, online registration and detailed programme are available on the AXEL-2006 web page, accessible from

Organisers: Rende Steerenberg / AB-OP / 79086, Davide Vitè / HR-PMD / 75141


by Davide Vitè