Discovery Mondays - Mass: a question of weight?

Mass and weight: two rather commonplace phenomena on the surface of it, but would you be able to explain the difference between them? And do you know how gravity works? If you let go of a paperclip and an apple at the same time, which of the two will hit the floor first?

At the next Discovery Monday scientists will introduce you to these concepts that are often rather difficult to get to grips with. Find out what kind of particles are thought to be responsible for mass and gravity. Get to know the graviton, a particle that has yet to be observed, has no mass or charge but is thought to be a messenger particle for gravity. You will also encounter the famous Higgs boson, which scientists believe could elucidate the mystery of mass and hope to discover with the LHC.

An evening for tackling some very weighty questions...

The event will be conducted in French.

Join us at Microcosm (Reception, Building 33, Meyrin site),
on Monday 6 March from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Entrance Free