Modification to the MAPS interview process and electronic form

Based on the first year of experience with e-MAPS and the feedback from departmental users, a number of modifications to the MAPS interview process and form have been introduced for the 2006 exercise.

Definition of signatories

The top of the form now also shows the name of the Group Leader and Department Head. This is especially useful in cases of detachment. Corrections can be made via the MAPS Coordinator.

'Send back' facility

The possibility to send the MAPS report one step backwards, i.e. from Group Leader to supervisor, from Staff Member to Group Leader, and from Group Leader to Staff Member is only available to the MAPS coordinators. The form should only be sent back to correct factual errors or oversights, and any send- backs will be recorded.

Link between 'training' part and 'training' application

When entering a training objective for 2006, a search menu allows selection from various CERN internal training courses or from conferences. It is still important, however, to first read the description of the training courses on the corresponding HR internal web pages. Following the staff member's signature, a corresponding EDH Training Request will be automatically generated and sent to the staff member for completion and confirmation.

Simplification of salary band change reports

The previous salary band change report by the Departmental Career Review Board has been replaced by a simplified assessment of the relevant factors of the career path guide. This new part is to be completed by the Group Leader, and is integrated in the 'Proposals and Decisions' section of the MAPS report.

MAPS schedule

The MAPS schedule basically remains similar to that of previous years. However, the Group Leader is invited to forward the form to the staff member for comment by 13 April at the latest. All finalized forms will be returned to staff members by 14 July, instead of 15 September. The schedule for the analysis of the A to E career path changes and the corresponding recommendations hes been brought forward to June instead of October, together with all the other advancement proposals.

Performance Improvement Plan

The Plan for Restoring Performance has been replaced by a more flexible Performance Improvement Plan (the 'Plan'), which focuses on prevention and is separate from the annual advancement exercise. Whenever a supervisor considers that the performance of a staff member in his team should be improved, he should arrange an informal meeting with him to discuss how the improvement can be brought about. If the performance does not improve, he must clarify and give formal notification of his expectations. If no improvement is noted within 30 days, he shall launch a Plan with the agreement of his Group Leader and the Human Resources Coordinator of the department. The Plan should set specific objectives and define milestones and accompanying measures. Within the timeframe defined, but no later than 6 months, the supervisor must make a written assessment. If, despite a Plan, the performance is still not fully satisfactory, another and final Plan shall be initiated. Failure to improve performance after two Plans in a three-year period may lead to dismissal for unsatisfactory service.

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