Texas Instruments Technical Seminar: Power Management and Wireless

Monday 6 November
14:00 to 17:30 - Training Centre Auditorium (bldg. 593)

Texas Instruments Technical Seminar: Power Management and Wireless

Michael Scholtholt, Field Application Engineer / TEXAS INSTRUMENTS (US, D, CH)

The range of power management products available today offers the possibility to find the best solution for each application. To select the right product it is therefore necessary to understand system requirements, how power supply products work, and where they differentiate.

This Technical Training Seminar will also present an overview of how to choose the right RF platform based on markets and applications: nowadays almost everbody has at least one wireless product in use, and this tendency seems to increase significantly.

  • Power Management
    • Voltage mode vs. current mode control
    • Differentiating DC/DC converters by analyzing control and compensation schemes:
      • line / load regulation, transient response, BOM, board space, ease-of-use
    • Introduction to evaluation software for power supplies
  • Wireless
    • Decision criteria when choosing a RF platform
    • Introduction to Texas Instruments wireless products:
      • standardized platforms
      • proprietary platforms ( 2.4 GHz / sub 1 GHz)
      • development tools
    • Antenna design: example for 2.4 GHz
  • questions, discussion

Industrial partners: Robert Medioni, François Caloz / Spoerle Electronic, CH-1440 Montagny (VD), Switzerland
Phone: +41 24 447 0137, email: RMedioni@spoerle.com, http://www.spoerle.com

Language: English. Free seminar (no registration)

Organiser: Davide Vitè / HR-PMD / 75141
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