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News Articles

Four giant steps for the LHC  
The first LHC sector is fully interconnected  
End of the line to build a circle  
ATLAS: Full power for the toroid magnet  
The grand descent has begun for CMS  
CERN welcomes Korea as an official collaborator  
Hundreds of fridges to cool the heart of ATLAS  
Farewell to a magnetic year at CERN  
W K H Panofsky prize awarded for CP violation  
IEEE prize awarded to CERN PhD student  
Literature in focus: The history of radioactivity  
Discovery Mondays - Simulations: using maths to predict the future  
Events at the Globe of Science and Innovation  
Staff members with 25 years' service at CERN in 2006  

Official News

Information for members of the personnel residing in the Canton of Vaud and who are required to complete the 2005 income tax declaration  
Performance appraisal and merit recognition exercise 2007  
FINAL REMINDER - Extension/suppression of allowance for dependent children aged 18 to 25  
Pension Fund  

Training and Development

Academic Training: Neutrino Physics, Present and Future  
Academic Training: QCD: are we ready for the LHC  
Technical Training: Places available and full programme  

Staff Association

Other activities  
Club's news, Cultural activities  
Elections to Staff Council  
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